5 People Reveal Their Partner’s WILDEST Sexual Fantasies

5 People Reveal Their Partner’s WILDEST Sexual Fantasies

You know what their favourite ice-cream flavour is and how they like to color coordinate their socks. But do you know their innermost sexual secrets? What turns them on and what makes them squirm in bed with pleasure? You may or may not like their fantasies but you need to know about it. Sharing your partner’s sexual fantasies can be a bold move and define how well your relationship is working out. Here are 5 sex fantasies that have made us a bit horny too.

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  • Stranger Not A Danger


“I’ve always wanted to have sex with an unknown girl while my current girlfriend is watching us. There is a thrill in being watched while your girlfriend is enjoying the show as well. We both need to be into it, be exhibitionists to have fun in this watching game.”

  • Public Sex Fanatic


“My girlfriend loves the idea of public sex. She fantasizes about having rough wild sex in a park at night. She likes the thrill of being caught at any time while engaging in sex. I finally agreed to it and we did it in a public park after sneaking in the middle of the night. It was a crazy experience and has brought so much closer and increased out trust in one another. After that time, we’ve got bolder and had sex in many public places like a late-night show in an empty theatre and we’ve enjoyed it a lot. Never been caught yet!”

  • Roleplay Duo


“I have this medical roleplay kink where I’m an experimental subject who’s been kidnapped by a crazy scientist. Under restraints and all, I am lying there panting from all the foreplay. I finally got to try it with my current partner who was all keen for it. It was one of the best sexual experiences ever! My only issue was that we had to end it. But since we’re both equally interested in this kind of roleplay, we’ve bought a dentist chair and hospital gown as well to continue with this story”

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  • Rough Sex Fantasy Achieved After 3 years


“I had always fantasied about my college professor. He was young and single so I figured it was okay to have a crush on him. I spent my three years of graduation fantasizing about him using his strength to pin me down on the table while he entered me and made me orgasm many times. It was a crazy fantasy and I felt very naughty every time it was his class. Nobody knew about my fantasy except me and after college ended, he contacted me. Apparently, he had been fantasizing of pining me on the desk and having his way with me all those years as well but never had the guts to do anything. We ended up having rough wild sex in one of the classroom’s desk the next minute! What a day!”

  • Blowjob Boss

I had liked my current boss for almost 7 months now. But I was hesitant to approach her because she was way out of my league and she was my senior as well. I had masturbated and fantasised about having sneaky office sex with her many times. One day I had gone to the washroom when she actually followed me in and confronted me about it. I don’t know how and when but she ended up on her knees giving me a blowjob in one of the stalls, while our mutual co-workers came to use the restroom. We could have been caught anytime but that was the thrill of it all!

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