5 Party Etiquettes You Need To Know About Now!

1.Gift for the host
Every time you are attending a party, ensure you carry something for the host. It could be a bottle of wine or even a few beers but showing up empty handed is a bit too impolite. (This one is for the women too.)

2. No horn okay please
If you are to pick up a date for a party, we ardently request you to not honk and ask her to meet you at the car. Go up to her door and meet your date there, as gentlemen do.

3. Greetings, gentlemen
No matter how informal a party may be, try and not fist-pound
and half-hug with a pat on the back. You may shake hands with
the person, and whenever you do, stand. It’s a mark of respect.

4. Bathroom break
Once a woman, at your table is back from the restroom, stand up till she takes her seat. We have all watched Pretty Woman so we won’t be wondering why you did it.

5. After you
One old fashioned yet classy thing for a man to do is to hold the door open for his date. Although, don’t look too surprised if a woman holds the door open for you. Accept it just as graciously.

New Woman Team

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