5 Outfit Tweaks To Instantly Upgrade Your Everyday Look

5 Outfit Tweaks To Instantly Upgrade Your Everyday Look

Trying to think every day what to wear can get very hectic sometimes. At some point in time, we all might have reached the conclusion that “we have nothing to wear!” or are sick of wearing the same outfits. It’s something that happens with all of us and is pretty much normal. But this problem of yours can be easily solved! All you need is a little bit of planning and then you’ll never have to cry about having nothing to wear.

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Use these 5 clothing tweaks and you can instantly upgrade your everyday look.

1. Commit to one classy Colour

Going all matchy-matchy does not require much time. But you definitely don’t want to end up looking like a one colour walking doll. Instead, match your outfit with your shoes that are a shade or two lighter/darker than your outfit but belong to the same colour family.

2. Keep it simple

Keeping your look simple and subtle is the key to looking classy and elegant. Wearing head to toe neutrals make it look more put together than anything else. Add some accessories like hoop earrings or a huge back to balance out the look.

3. Be a day-to-night pro

Got plans for dinner after work? Don’t stress over what to wear. Your favourite dress could do the double work for you! Just throw a long coat over your dress for the office hours and take it off when you hit the restaurant.

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4. Pick what’s comfortable for you

When you roll out in your clothes comfy enough for you to sleep in and yet manage to look classy, you are winning at life. Pair your comfy jeans and T-shirt with an oversized jacket and you are ready for all temps and events. Slip on a pair of sneakers to keep the look youthful but practical.

5. Add layers to step up your style

Layering your outfits is a great way to dress elegantly. But the key is not to overdo it! Keep the look minimalistic yet classy. Pair your dress with a long cardigan of the same shade and wrap a scarf around your neck to make it look stylish yet subtle. Pair it with darker shade boots and you are all ready to go.

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