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5 Oral Sex Positions For Beginners

Sex, in general, can be nerve-wracking for some people out there. While some tend to excel at it with very fewer efforts. Whichever the case, oral sex should be innovative, stimulating and most importantly pleasurable for both parties. Any position, standing or lying down, you can never go wrong with oral sex. This helps you identify what spots work best for you and your partner while still not going all the way in. Below are 5 oral sex positions for newbies to win at this game.

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Basic Blowjob

Basic right? BJs are an easy option to get things started without diving right into the third base. Oral sex is for both men and women, and works on everyone. Foreplay is necessary for all aspects of sexual activity and BJs are a good way to slide into the mood. Pun intended!

Classic Cunnilingus

Men love their share of blowjobs, why should only men have fun? Go down on your woman just like you expect her to go down on you. Not all women get off from penetration, so you need to do your own part. Eat her out like a pro and don’t be shy to use you’re your fingers and tongue. The extra efforts here will heighten your chances of mind-blowing sex later. You can always spice things up and switch to a 69 position for better pleasures.

Clit Cliffhanger

One of the ways is to lay back down with your legs spread, while your man focuses on your clit and brings you much-needed pleasure. Make use of the edges of your bed as a back support while he kneels and loves you right. It’ll give them breathing room while they explore your goods. This leaves you free to tease your nipples for the extra pleasure.

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The Leg Up

Women are sensitive creatures, and we like to be treated like queens. Hook up one of her legs, while you pleasure her to the limit with your tongue or your fingers. It’ll make her scream and writhe with anticipation and need for more.

67 Style

We’ve all heard of 69 which aims at mutual stimulation. But not all can reach orgasm that way only. Move to the side while you focus on pleasuring your partner to orgasm. It will help you both reach an orgasm quicker and move on to the next steps.

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