5 Office Romance Stories That Went Horribly Wrong!

5 Office Romance Stories That Went Horribly Wrong!

We’ve often heard that you must ‘never mix work with pleasure’. Of course, if you’re lucky, the person in the next cubicle may turn out to be your soulmate. However, these modern fairytales are rare. More often, office romances can get awkward and messy if not treated carefully. We understand the attraction towards the cutie you spend long hours with, under the same roof, but it doesn’t always work out for the best. Maybe, years down the line, we can all laugh about it. Here are some hilarious and horrible work romances that went wrong in every way possible.

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  • Love at First Sight…NOT!

Love at First Sight

“I fell in love at first sight with my boss. He was married and had already hit on me several times. After many signs of flirting and rumors of a bad marriage, I actually worked up the courage to accept a date. We were caught by three of our co-workers and his sister-in-law in a short dinner date. Talk about awkward! Let’s just say, after that we never spoke other than business.”

  • Work Got Affected

Office Romance

“After dating for almost 5-6 months, we broke up when he started arguing that I was being favored by our boss. We worked in the same department, the same floor and the same damn team. Should have listened to my friends when they said he wasn’t worth it. Love is blind after all. Both our work was affected, and we couldn’t sort our personal issues to be professional towards each other at work. In the end, he was moved to another team, just so we could both focus on our work and not affect the company. It was the most embarrassing moment ever!”

  • Rebound Exes

Office Romance

“We met up at happy hour, talking about mutual friends. She was the complete opposite to my ex and we actually hit it off. Everything was going smoothly since we didn’t work in the same team or anything. We held hands, went on dates and kissed several times but she didn’t like that I was “too into this relationship”. After almost 4 months, I found out she was dating me to make her ex jealous. He worked on the same team as her!”

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  • Me and her and her and her…

Office Romance Stories

“I was fresh out of college when I landed a job at a nearby digital firm. Charmed by the workplace, I joined immediately. He had also joined with me but it wasn’t his first gig. We started as friends and gradually turned to date. We were happy in love, keeping work and personal life separate. Until on our half anniversary, he broke up with me and asked out our young single boss on a dinner date right in front of me. I quit in the next week and never even collected my last paycheck. Rumor has that he was caught dating 3 girls behind that boss’s back as well!”

  • Don’t Mess With Technology

Office Romance Story

“My ex-boyfriend was dating our immediate boss (who knew about us) behind my back for several months. After I found out, I still pretended to not know about their relationship. I put in my resignation after a week and he was very happy and motivated me to find a new company. On the last day, I sent out pictures and screenshots of their racy texts (I hacked into his email and phone) to everyone in the company via a farewell mail. That’s what you get for cheating on an IT employee!”

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