5 Offbeat Blouse Sleeves To Flaunt This Season

Style those sleeves!

5 Offbeat Blouse Sleeves To Flaunt This Season

You will be amazed as to how much goes into getting the perfect desi look. Yes, the saree design is vital but any well-informed fashion enthusiast will tell you that the blouse is what essentially holds your desi look together. And if you go wrong with the blouse, your attire will fall apart. But don’t you worry ladies, we are here to solve all your fashion problems. And here are some quirky and unconventional kinds of sleeves for your blouse that act as a catalyst to ensure your ensemble stands out from the mainstream crowd.

  • Full Sleeves


One of the most beloved sleeve type by women of all ages. Full sleeved blouses are easy to wear and pull off. There is something classic about full sleeved blouses as they suit women with every body type and go with almost every saree pattern. Full sleeves are also worn to balance out the blouse if the neck line is too plunging or the back is too low. To add to the appearance of your full sleeved blouse, wear a contrasting color saree and use a lace fabric with intricate embroidery to make the sleeves.

  • Off shoulder Sleeves

off shpoulder

Off-shoulder is the latest trend, not only for Indian wear but for western looks as well. Off shoulder blouses have a certain feminine appeal that makes them look stunning under a saree. You can also wear an off shoulder blouse over a lehenga or a dhoti for an offbeat look. Show off those killer collar bones!

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  • Bishop sleeves


Influenced directly by the Victorian era, bishop sleeves are resurfacing this bridal season. Unlike full sleeved blouses, this sleeve style more free-flowing and it gathers at the wrist giving it a balloon look. The ruffles on this blouse pattern give it a unique charm. Ensure you pair it with a light colored or sheer saree, as an opaque, solid saree will cover the beauty of this blouse style. Be prepared to turn a few heads your way with these bountiful sleeves!

  • Bell Sleeves


These kinds of sleeves look super cute and quirky. Bell sleeves are basically an improved version of the butterfly sleeve trend. The difference between the two is that bell sleeves start out with a normal cut and then slowly feature into a bell shape. You must be very careful with the kind of fabric you choose as if you choose a stiff fabric you will not get the desired look. Georgette, crepe or chiffon as the best fabrics to use. Small prints or a quirky hemline will add to the show of your blouse.

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  • Puff sleeves


Widely influenced by the eastern lands of India, Puff sleeves also called goti sleeves. They have been around for a long time and are mostly adorned by Bong women. They feature a puff like pattern at the shoulders itself. No matter the length, puffed sleeves look pretty on women with any body type.

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