5 Must-have Hot Swimsuits Every Water Baby Needs

5 Must-have Hot Swimsuits Every Water Baby Needs

Increase in perspiration due to summer and its relentless waves have gotten us weary. The go to place in such monstrosity is the beach! The calming waves and its gentle yet feisty nature is what we need! Burly, lanky or even slender the below 5 swimsuits will not only save you from excessive sweating but will also keep up with the current trends in fashion. Go break a leg and soak up Mother Earth’s gift to you!

Underwire and high waist bottom


Popularised in the 70s, high waist styles has been on the trend list time and again. If you want to invest in a two-piece swimsuit but are worried about your love handles, opt for a high waist bottom. This will not only flatter your curves but also adds a bold and lustrous appeal. What’s more, the underwire provides great comfort while exuding a classic vintage vibe. Summer is all about colours and vibrancy so opt for a floral high waist swimsuit for beach getaways. Fret not; it is surely contemporary with a tinge of retro.

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Crop Top and Brazilian Bottom

The genesis of this tiny piece of clothing takes us back to the 1940s and has officially come back and by the look of it, will stay for quite a while now. From Madonna to Gigi Hadid, midriff or crop tops are being sported by every fashion insider. With a spike in sales, it has become evident that belles all around the globe are opting for the comfortable-yet-modish style. It comes paired with a simple Brazilian bottom in a plethora of designs; full coverage, tie-ups, etc; this combination will not hinder your movements and keep you cool while you sunbathe on a beach.

One Piece Plunging Suit

It does sound a little mundane, but stylish ones have been breaking the internet. At least, Kim Kadarshian’s plunging suit did. While deviating too much from the convention, slight alteration in the design can definitely add more zest to the costume. It is meant for all body types and falls perfectly on your silhouette. It comes in various forms, such as halter neck, pretzel, bandeau etc.

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Halter-neck and Boy Shorts

From boyfriend jeans to boy shorts, when have they failed to provide ultra comfort? If you want a little more coverage in the rear, opt for a pair of boy shorts with your halter neck bikini top. It is perfect for those who want to show off their curves, while also keeping comfort in mind. Usually worn by women to hide their love handles, but hey? What’s there to hide, every curve on your body is perfect and will be at the pinnacle of perfection when you get into these.

Ruffle Swimsuits

Ruffle swimsuits give out a very youthful vibe. Pair a frilly top with tie-up bottoms for a sensual and cute appeal.  It is available in wide range of colors, styles, sizes and brands. Loose is always comfortable but sometimes not as fashionable as ones that fall on one’s body, in this case? Loose is the paragon to attain an extremely endearing look.

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