5 Tips To Keep Your Monsoon Fashion Game On Point

5 Tips To Keep Your Monsoon Fashion Game On Point

Monsoon rains and its chill breeze come gushing into our lives, which is a blessing to flora and fauna. However, our wardrobe suffers immensely. The transition from vibrancy to a comparatively dull environment does not mean that you look away from fashion. No way, you can pop in your apparels regardless of what awaits for you outside your door. Step up and get a teeny tiny alteration to your wardrobe and ta-da you got yourself embellishments to intensify your beauty for this season. We have enumerated 5 fashion tips for this season. 

Bid Goodbye To Jeans

Oh no, this weather is all about them legs. Wear shorts, skirts, slack tops with flip flops which will provide ultimate comfort. Splashing of sludge at the back of your legs can be troublesome. The last but the best resort is to turn to light and colourful clothes that will substitute the dullness. Regardless of the jauntiness provided by the former clothing it will also help in getting rid of moist denims sticking to your thighs. 

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Go Loose

On a rainy day, you can opt for a loose fitting top. Crop tops, wrap around tops etc. will look flawless on you as you sway around with fashion being the wind beneath your wings. Flaunt those legs with high-waist shorts and crop sweatshirt. You will look nothing less than a fabulous femme.

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Tie Em’ Up!

Monsoon can ruin your hair-do because of the moist atmosphere. Although there are various ways to get rid of the fix you are in, it is always convenient to have an alternative. Go crazy on messy buns and other hair-dos that will freshen up your look for the season. Add on some hair accessories or lay low, whatever suits you the best.

Comfort-Friendly Footwear

The utmost importance is handed on to the footwear. The dampness and slushy mud can turn out to be a hassle for your pretty shoes. Give your stilettos and delicate footwear a while to rest in the back seat while you use a pair which provides comfort. You ought to give your feet some freedom so as to breathe in some fresh air.

Stay Natural

Rub down a bit of makeup and keep it simple like a pseudo-natural look. Inclusion of moisturizer, concealer, mascara, warm colored cheeks and a tinge of a vibrant coloured lips will fulfill the desired look for the fall. Don’t consider yourself as a part of the world but we are a part of your world. Hence, fret not and walk down the runway like you own it. Oh yes you do.

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