5 Modern Leggings That You Need To Own

5 Modern Leggings That You Need To Own

Be it kurta or tunics, leggings look good with everything. Leggings are highly comfortable as well as stylish. By the way, your wardrobe will have several leggings of different colours, but do you have it in different patterns? Leggings are no longer just worn with traditional wear. These latest patterns leggings are extremely trendy and classy and look very much western too. You can wear them from parties to colleges, office- anywhere you want!

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1. Panel Patch Leggings

These leggings come with a PU panels (polyurethane panels) patch that makes the outfit stand out. This will give you a trendy look. Wear it with Black Maxi Top You can complete your look by pairing it with boots.

2. Shimmer Leggings

If you are going to a party, then these shimmer leggings will make you comfortable and also give you a party look. You can pair with a top of the contrasting colour. It looks very stylish and it doesn’t require much effort.

3. Knotted Leggings

Carry these lace-up ankle length leggings along with a plain top.You can also add some detailing such as criss-cross knots on both sides tied downwards. This will be perfect for a casual outing.

4. Mash Leggings

You may have seen ripped and lace leggings, but now the trend is more about mash leggings. Mash detailing is given on knee in this ankle length leggings. This will give you a simple yet trendy look.

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5. Printed Leggings

Wear these print leggings in place of your plain leggings for a cool look. These multi-coloured printed leggings will give you a funky appeal. Wear it with a bright coloured long tank top. You can also layer it with a jacket.

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