5 Modern Chandeliers For Your Room To Light Up The Mood

Time to give your room a light makeover !!!

5 Modern Chandeliers For Your Room To Light Up The Mood


Chandeliers are often under-rated as we have the habit of using the same one for a long time without even realizing it. But it’s a known fact that chandelier can add drama to the room and can give our boring room a character. And nowadays there are so many modern designs available in the market that you don’t have to go with the usual dull chandeliers. Just give your room an interesting makeover by just updating your chandelier to these trending designs.

  1. Falling Crystal Raindrop Chandelier

CRYSRAL Raindrop

This can be perfectly used in your bedroom as it sets a romantic backdrop. It is an illusion of a falling crystal raindrop and the lights are mounted at the base illuminating the crystals. The lights make the crystals look like a radiant crystal ball. It sets a wonderful relaxing mood after the hectic day at work.

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  1. Copper Glass Pendant Chandelier

Copper Glass Pendant

Copper is a colour that adds the contemporary effect to the atmosphere. This chandelier will fit flawlessly above the dining table as it gives a rustic kitchen feel. For a better effect, try grouping it in three, together in a line and it will instantly give a classy look. Copper glass pendant chandelier is so stylish that is works as a single pendant as well as in groups.

  1. Vintage Glass Pendant Chandelier

Vintage Glass Chandelier

Yes, it’s vintage and vintage in any form can only increase the coolness quotient. It is combined with antique style bulbs giving your room a raw feel. This is great for an entrance light. This fixture is a particularly good option for those looking to add a decorative touch without breaking the budget.

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  1. Black Metal Geometry Chandelier

Geometry Metal Chandelier

It is basically seen as a kitchen light but when it comes to using your creativity there is no boundary. It can fit gracefully in an office setting and also in your craft room. It’s partially shaded metal cage and accurate geometrical designs make a style statement.

  1. Star Pendant Chandelier

star pendant

This is the fanciest chandelier you can find which adds a funky mood wherever you hang it. It looks like bursting stars and is apt for a party as this will be the centre of attraction. Hang it in your main hall and wait for the compliments to flow.

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