5 Mind-Blowing Flirting Moves To Try On Your Crush

5 Mind-Blowing Flirting Moves To Try On Your Crush

Flirting is said to be a natural talent, but don’t worry, you can always learn new tricks. A good way to get their attention is by introducing yourself which can be difficult. But you can listen to them since people love to be heard and appreciate someone listening to their thoughts and opinions.

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Fake The Confidence

Flirting Moves

Men love confident women and enjoy taking the backseat for a change when it comes to participating in the game of ‘the first approach’. But if your not the confident types then fake it till you make it. Pretend to know what you’re doing and hopefully, he takes up the wheel and steers the ride.

Let Your Stomach Do The Talking

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Instead of your throat, talk with your stomach. This makes your voice deeper and sounds more confident and calm even though your heart is thumping wildly. Speaking from your diaphragm will make you speak slower and not trip over your words. Although mumbling and stuttering due to nervousness is cute at times, talking confidently will help your case more.

Sorry Not Sorry

Flirting Moves

Don’t falter when you make mistakes, Rather laugh it off and act silly. This will show that you can take a joke on yourself and have a sense of humor. Never apologize for flirting. If you’re feeling anxious to talk to them, start by saying hi and working your way to the real talk. Don’t consider them all perfect before you even start talking to them or you’ll be sorely disappointed.

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Ask Questions


Ask about the sports team, band, or the brand on his T-shirt. They’ll notice that you noticed. Asking questions about them and that will give you the window to talk about yourself as well. Make a point to show how involved you are in the conversation by asking questions or saying “yeah” and “mmm-hmm.” Without realizing why they’ll be encouraged to keep talking.

Look, Then Look Away

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As imbecile as it may sound, this is one of the oldest and most efficient methods to get a guy’s attention latched onto you. Look at him (make sure he catches you looking at him) and then look away. Then catch his eye again with a shy smile. Psychology explains that a human mind is prone to seek what is difficult to get and dispenses with that what is an easy catch.

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