5 Measures To Prevent Feet Odour

Clean feet, happy feet!

5 Measures To Prevent Feet Odour

Feet odour is a more common problem than you may think. The smell is a result of feet being covered in socks or footwear most of the time. The swear released by your feet does not get space to evaporate and gets stuck inside, thus developing brevibacterium which in turn produces an acid called methanethiol that emanates a rotten smell. Here are 5 effective methods to get rid of feet smell.

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  • Scrubbing


Scrubbing helps in getting rid of any dead skin which stops the growth of brevibacterium. Exfoliate your feet with a pumic stone or a feet brush.

  • Dry your feet


Dry your feet after washing them as the moisture residue is responsible for the breeding of bacteria and the entire process of giving out feet odour to start. Do not forget to clean and dry the spaces between your toes.

  • Apply sanitizer


Use a hand sanitizer on your feet as it efficiently kills any bacteria if present. A scented sanitizer helps in driving away any bad smell as well.

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  • Change your socks everyday

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Make sure that you change your socks on a day-to-day basis as sweaty socks tend to stink and it is important to let your feet live in a clean environment. trapped smell in the socks reheats and ends up sending out a pungent odour.

  • Wash your feet


Mix warm water with kosher salt and rest your feet in this solution for ten minutes. Wash them and rinse them dry. Apply talcum powder and walk around with slippers at home.

Follow these steps and you’re good to go!

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