5 Mantras For A Quick Weight-Loss

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5 Mantras For A Quick Weight-Loss

While most of us do everything possible to lose weight, we forget to follow some of the most simple things that efficiently aid in losing weight faster and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yes, exercising and eating healthy is indispensable but following a few other habits are going to catalyse the process for sure. Here are a few of them.

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  • Variation in workouts


A monotonous workout regime gets boring and you tend to be less enthusiastic about it. Hence, it is always better to experiment with your workout sessions. Varying exercises also make sure that every part of your body is used. This tones up your muscles further. If you jog one day, swim the other and go to the gym on the third day.

  • Eating in smaller plates


Believe it or not, eating in smaller plates ensures lesser consumption of food as it helps you in keeping check on the proportion of food that you consume. Larger plates fail to bring out the quantity. Eating more than necessary causes weight-gain. Hence, it is important to use smaller plates with smaller servings.

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  • Eating Slowly


Your brain takes sometime to register how full your stomach is thus, it is important to eat slowly. Chew your food well for easy digestion and eat slowly so that you know when to stop.

  • Avoid Stress Eating

Unhealthy lunch

Sugary food items and junk has properties of reducing stress. Being humans and emotionally wired, we feel low at times and resort to food for comfort. However, it is better to face your problems than sit around and gorge food and ruin your health.

  • Detox Your Body


It is important to flush out all the toxins from your body in order for it to function better. Green tea is a good way to detoxify your body and also enhance your metabolism system. This ensures faster burning of calories.

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