5 Make-up Trends You Need To Follow

It's all about the colour!

5 Make-up Trends You Need To Follow

This year has witnessed a lot of fresh make-up looks at the fashion runways and parties as well as events and most of these looks incorporated bold colours. There are just two more months for the year to end. If you haven’t tried out these looks as yet, it’s time for you to do so! Here are a few of the trends you could choose to experiment with.

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  • Mermaid Eyes

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Gone are the days when a golden-black smokey eye would suffice to impress. It’s all about going aqua bright with the cooler yet bright tones when it comes to your eyes. You could either do a purple-blue mermaid eye which manages to look absolutely mesmerizing or even opt for an eccentric blue or yellow liner if you want to keep it minimal.

Saffron Ombré Lips


Saffron or even orange might be a daunting shade to pull off but if these shades are toned down a bit by the method of creating ombre lips, they can be wearable, look very vibrant and are fun to flaunt.

  • Crafted Nails


Think of all the stickers and fake gems you used for your craft in school. Inspired from these craft decorations are the crafted nails which are achieved by the use of sequence mirrors, trigonometric shapes and stickers as well as glitter.

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  • Embellished Braid


Braids look pretty but would look even more attractive when enhanced with embellishments. Use ribbons, gold rings or even star-shaped clips to attach to your braid. These would look bright and would stand out as something different.

  • Milk Serums


The nourishing and beauty properties of milk aren’t less known. Milk serums have been a raging trend in the skincare segment. They are also used as a pre-make-up base. They moisturize your skin and lend it a healthy glow by improving its texture.

Go ahead and look your best by embracing these trends!

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