5 Low Sugar Fruits To Add To Your Diet ASAP

Feeling Hungry? Grab A Fruit!

5 Low Sugar Fruits To Add To Your Diet ASAP

Sugary foods are the best, and yet unhealthy. But not all foods. Knowing the right fruits and veggies that help give you sugars and other vitamins at the same time are a good choice. Diabetic people can eat their sugar and still keep it in check with these low sugar healthy fruits. Low sugar fruits are usually loaded with other fibers, vitamins and proteins thus contributing to your healthy diet. Add these 6 sugary fruits that are healthy as well.

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  • Strawberries


Berries are a good source of sugars and what better than strawberries? A cup of strawberries has only around 7 grams of sugar and yet provides enough of Vitamin C for your body.

  • Blackberries


A fan of berries will be happy to know that blackberries are a good source of natural sugars and is yummy as well. A cup of berries contains around 8 grams of fiber, 7 grams of sugar and 2 grams of protein.

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  • Apples


An apple a day keeps the doctor away or so the goes the saying. And rightfully so, apples are a good source of natural sugars. An apple on a whole has a lower sugar level than apple juice which is appalling. They usually contain 19 grams of sugar but an apple juice cup has almost 24 grams. So opt for an apple rather than juice even the unsweetened ones to stay healthy.

  • Oranges


Just like apples, eating whole oranges is better for your health than orange juice. Normal oranges have around 12 grams of sugar and a whole lot of Vitamin C. But a cup of orange juice has 3 times the more amount of sugar in it but only half of the original fibers.

  • Peaches


A good source of sugars, peaches are sweet and juicy. A medium sized peach can carry up to 13 grams of sugar that is quite less compared to other fruits

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