5 Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own

From dusky to fair, these lipsticks are sure to suit all complexions!

5 Lipsticks Every Woman Should Own

Lipsticks are an indispensable fragment of every woman’s makeup vanity. If not lipsticks, a woman is sure to have a tinted lip balm atleast. While many prefer audaciously bright shades of lip colour, others prefer muted shades that efficiently add a tinge of colour to their lips. However, here are 5 lipsticks that every girl/woman must own. From the subdued nude-browns to the bright pinks and reds, these are fail-safe shades which would suit every complexion beautifully.

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  • Chambor- Brique Rose

Price- Rs 645


This is a gorgeous nude-brown shade that would suit any attire. Its pink undertones contribute a healthy look to your lips. This is a perfectly muted colour which would look exceptional when paired with heavily-kohled eyes. A smokey-eye look wouldn’t be complete without a subdued lip shade like this one. It is extremely subtle and thereby suitable for office wear. This is one of those go-to sophisticated brown lipsticks which one would opt for without thinking twice. Being a powder-matte lipstick, its staying power is considerably long and it can easily qualify as a cost-effective lipstick.

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  • MAC- Brave

Price- Rs 1500


This is a light pink lipstick that comes in a satin finish. The baby pink is suitable for daily wear. It can be worn during the day as well as night time and it will not fail you even once. Furthermore, MAC never disappoints anybody with its lipsticks, does it? Individuals with darker skin-tones may feel that the colour is washing them out but in-fact, it proves to be an amazing nude-pink for their complexion.

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  • Lakme Absolute- Mauve Fix

Price- Rs 559


Dismissing the age-old notion which states that mauve is a shade meant for older women, this shade looks stunning on any skin tone and can be pulled-off by girls as well as women from every age-group. This is a slightly brighter colour compared to the other mauve shades that are available in the market. It inclines itself towards a magenta pink but is subdued just enough to mark a difference between the two. The lipstick offers a creamy-matte finish and has a brilliant staying-power.

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  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Crème – Addis Ababa  

Price- Rs 600


Named after an East African city, this shade is as royal as its name. It is a blue-toned fuscia pink that instantly brightens up your face. Scared to pull-off neon pinks? Dispense with them in exchange for this intensely pigmented audacious pink which will make a statement without looking too tacky. This soft matte lip crème is extremely comfortable to wear and offers a staying power of 3-4 hours.

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  • MAC – Russian Red

Price – Rs 1500


This lip colour belongs to MAC’s retro-matte range and is a part of its legendary collections. The Marilyn Monroe lipstick has been raging ever since it was introduced as a MAC product. It is a perfect blend of burgundy and deep red. Bold and beautiful, it is a fail-safe option to wear at any occasion. Afterall, who doesn’t love a bold red pout? It is slightly expensive but is worth every penny invested in it. It is advisable to apply a lip balm underneath it as this lipstick can be very drying on the lips.

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Go on, hoard yourself with these lipsticks so that you never go out of options for any given occasions.

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