5 Juices That Aid In Weight Loss

Consuming healthy juices atleast twice a day kills untimely hunger pangs and aids in weight-loss!

5 Juices That Aid In Weight Loss

It is an age-old fact that juices help you in staying fit and lend the body essential nutrients and minerals which it needs. From vitamins to antioxidants and fibres, juices offer them all. Here are five juices which would aid to your weight-loss regime.

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  • Carrot Juice


Low in calories and rich in fibre, carrots should be made a part of your daily diet. Drink a glass of carrot juice in the morning and it shall suffice your tummy till lunch time. It also helps in secreting bile that renders to burning fats. Add some orange or ginger juice to it and it would serve as an excellent detox drink as well.

  • Pomegranate Juice


It is widely known that pomegranate has amazing effects on your skin as it lends your skin a healthy glow and improves blood circulation in the body. However, drinking pomegranate juice to kill mid-meal hunger pangs will help you shed those extra pounds. The polyphenols and linolenic acid in pomegranates enhance the body’s metabolism rate which burns excess fats.

  • Orange Juice


Opt for fresh orange or mosambi juice in exchange of your high-calorie aerated drinks. Not only i orange juice extremely refreshing but healthy too. It has lower calories than your body needs to burn it. The vitamin C is good for your skin. All in all, orange juice should be consumed more often than not.

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  • Watermelon Juice


Abundant in the amino acid arginine, watermelon is effective in burning fats. It provides as less as 30 calories per 100 grams.

  • Cucumber Juice

cucumber juice

Cucumber juice has proven to be an efficient fragment in a weight-loss diet as it is high in water content and staggeringly low in calories. It’s high fibre content makes you feel fuller sooner and thus cuts down on unnecessary consumption of food. It aids in weight-loss.

Many other juices like pineapple, cabbage, amla, bottle gourd juice etc are helpful in losing weight. Resort to a semi-liquid diet and burning fat shall be a cake-walk.

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