5 Innovative Ways To Design Your Bookshelf

Add some excitement to your boring bookshelves with these fun ideas.

Your books don’t have to be housed in a boring bookshelf in your home office or library. As a matter of fact, you can make them part of your house’s décor by making creative bookshelves. Here are some of the most creative bookshelf designs out there.

1. Centre Table Book Shelf

Make the maximum use of the round table that you have and use the space underneath the table top for a custom-made shelf. Looks creative, elegant and easy to maintain.

2. One Stand Hanging Book Shelf

Use one wall of your kid’s room and put a simple one stand with many shelves book rack there. You can easily stack the low weight kid’s books here. As no glass or shutters are used for these kinds of shelves, kids can easily grab their favourite one from here.

3. Sofa Cum Book Shelf

You have heard about sofa cum bed, now think about this unique sofa cum bookshelf Won’t it be easy if you can sit on the sofa and read ‘Devil wears Prada’ by taking it from the shelf under and put it back there when you are done? This can be customised depending on the size of the sofa.

4. Wall Stack

If you have quite a library full of books, then you have to spare one entire wall to store that amazing collection. But you can add a little bit of creativity by inclining the shelves to a particular degree. In that way, the monotony of so many shelves can be broken without wasting space.

5. Police Booth Design

Another innovative one for the kid’s room. This playful design can store all the fairytales, adventure novels, Enid Blyton, Drawing books, Harry Potters and dictionaries within and still keep the room clean.



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