5 Important Tips To Get Your Office Vaastu Right

Getting the Vastu right for your office is important to your overall success. Find out how to make your workplace Vaastu friendly.

5 Important Tips To Get Your Office Vaastu Right

Workstation for Architects and Interior Designers: An architect’s or an interior designer’s job requires a great degree of skill. Their workstations should always be in SouthWest or West-SouthWest Vastu zones. Green and red coloured pen stand, table mat and mouse pads are best avoided. The seat can be of beige or cream colour. A workstation should always be well organised as this will increase the focus and prevent things from going haywire. For decorative purposes, coloured stone pebbles can be used as it strengthens gains in their work. They should face East while working to receive creative design ideas and the table should be set along the Western wall.

Workstation for Marketing Professionals: Marketing professionals must avoid blue and black accessories and place their workstation in South zone. Their seats can be in maroon or brown in colour and they can experiment with green colour to get benefits from contacts. Ideally, they should face North to attract more money and newer opportunities. When you learn 4-step Vastu method, you come to know how facing in different directions affects the outcome of your efforts and accordingly decide your facing while you sit on your workstation.

Workstation for Sales Person Sales professionals should place their workstations in East zone and avoid yellow and grey coloured accessories. Their seats can be blue of brown in colour. According to 45 powers of alchemy in Vastu Shastra, green colour will help them develop contacts with new customers. They should sit facing West to attract more sales order.

Workstation for Strategists and Senior Management: Senior professionals required to plan for an organisation should sit in NorthEast Vastu zone facing West. This will generate better planning ideas. Red and dark yellow colours should be avoided by them for both seat covers and accessories. If they have to, it’s better to consult an experienced Vastu consultant to know the most suitable Vastu remedies.

Workstation for Management Professionals: In order to execute and implement plans more efficiently and effectively, management professionals are advised to sit in the West Vastu zone facing East. Red and green colours are a complete no for seat covers and accessories. Workstation for Students West-SouthWest zone of premises is best for students. They should sit there facing West. Their books should also be kept there.


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