5 Important Lessons You Learn After Dating The Wrong Guy

No regrets!

5 Important Lessons You Learn After Dating The Wrong Guy

And some point we’ve all date one or more bad men. These are sour, rotten guys who made your happy phase a debris. They came into your lives, got you hurt and now you wonder was it worth the pain? Don’t worry, every bad experience made you a stronger woman and brought you a step closer to the one for you. If you swear by these lessons, you will be closer to finding love.

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1) Actions speak louder than words

It is not a rare thing when a man says things he doesn’t mean. It’s time to put those sugar-coated things to test. Does he fulfil his promises? Is he there for you? Does he respect your needs? Next time, you better check his actions more than words.

2) Butterflies don’t live forever

Ever dated a guy who is utter crap but charming as hell? Yes, same boat. You get butterflies looking at his chiseled face, lined by a heavy beard. But you cannot build the foundation of your relationship on these things. The moment the honeymoon phase is up, you might feel that beneath the gorgeous surface is a selfish man.

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3) Feeling respected is in your hands

If he disrespected you, you allowed him to. Forgiving a minor spat is okay but do not dismiss humiliation.  It is better to lay down boundaries in advance.

4) Negativity is contagious

Toxic guys came into your life, get you hooked and then leave your life in a berserk state. They turn your happiness, positivity and everything good into a bag full of chaotic scuffle. At the end of it, you are another them.

5) Don’t take “I love you” at face value

Don’t fall for it. A lot of people will tell you they love you but do they even know what that means? They say it to get them have things their way.  Undefined relationships have become common so it’s important for you to stay far from love claimers who can’t commit.

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