5 Ideas For Sexy Breast Play

Have twice the fun with breast play!

Foreplay is as important as the home run. An essential part of foreplay as well as sex is breast play. Stimulating nipples as well as the are around it is sure to enhance the sexual pleasure. This is because breasts consists of a number of nerve endings that increase the sensitivity of the area thus, making it more erogenous. Here are a few ideas that would help you and your partner gain an idea of how to go about breast and nipple play.


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  • Fondling

Start off your breast play by massaging your partner’s breasts and lightly tugging their nipples. This is going to turn them on and make every inch of their skin crave for your touch.

  • Use your tongue

Yes, lick the area around the nipples to build the pleasure and make them crave for more. Finally, once you’ve made them wait and teased them enough, go for the nipples and suck onto them. Be gentle and stimulate their organs to ignite the fire in them that would prepare them for the hot sex to come.

  • Nibble the nipples

Now, be very gentle and lightly nibble your partner nipples. This is going to drive your partner crazy with pleasure and make them moan away to glory.

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  • Lower the temperatures

Turn the heat up by lowering the temperatures of your partner’s skin. Suck, lick and nibble onto their nipples while blowing air on it at regular intervals to increase the sensitivity.

  • Communication

Communication plays a vital role in providing your partner with added pleasure. Know their likes and dislikes as well as what they’re comfortable with and what not. This helps you know your partner’s body better and send them to a pleasure island.

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