5 Ideas To Rock The Nose Ring Trend

From the traditional nath to the modern-day nose ring, these fashion props have moved to becoming expressions of freedom than mere beauty.

5 Ideas To Rock The Nose Ring Trend

May it be a traditional nath or a modern-day nose stud or ring, these fashion props instantly make a difference in your look. The nose-hugging palakkas and mukuthis paired with western clothing has become a raging trend. What’s more? This trend isn’t limited to the fashion realm but has also evolved over time and become an expression of rebellion, making appearances in the field of music as well as art. A lot of artists and musicians are seen donning nose rings along with Indo-western outfits and it’s beautiful to witness a traditional prop being used as a personification of freedom. Let’s have a look at the types of nose rings that have been trending among the youth.

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  • Septum

Septums are a hot thing as of now. It goes with almost all western outfits but looks best when paired with denim. Wear a denim jacket and you’d totally pull of this trend. This is a modern-day trend and definitely not for the dull-hearted. Septums scream boldness and are loved by all the rebels out there.

  • Nose Studs

Tiny in size, these nose studs are perfect who love to adorn their nose without going all-out. Subtle yet appealing, nose studs hardly fail anyone. Available in a number of shapes and quirky as well as simple patterns, they are a hot trend among the youth. They can be worn with traditional and western wear.

  • Nose Rings

Not only has the trend of wearing nose rings gained popularity in India but also abroad. They are extremely simple to carry off and look effortlessly pretty on absolutely any outfit.

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  • Nath

From the traditional Maharashtrian nath to the round ‘Jodha nath‘, these are regal in appearance and look best when paired with a traditional outfit. Jodha naths are great for bridal wear.

What’s more? You can create a brilliant fusion look with the use of these nose rings. Want to wear western but with a hint of Indian. Opt for dhoti pants and pair them up with a T-back top. Now, take a bright and colorful stroll and wear it around your neck. For accessories, wear a pair of jhumkas and round it up with a nose ring. If you are up for experimentation, you could even opt for a ‘Jodha nath‘ else you can simply stick to the nose stud ring. Go for mojris as footwear and you’re good to go!

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