5 Ideas To Celebrate Your Partner’s Birthday

Show how much your love your partner by doing something something nice for them. What's a better occasion than his/her birthday?

Birthdays are meant to be joyous and memorable occasions.  Hence, go ahead and make your partner’s birthday special, a one that he/she won’t be able to forget. Aim towards making every birthday better than the previous one. Here are 5 ideas to celebrate your partner’s birthday and make sure that they have a great time.

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  • Treasure Hunt


Plan a treasure hunt for your partner. Lay down a trail with hints such as letters with clues or objects that would lead them to the bathroom. Arrange for a lavish and romantic bubble bath that would help the two of you’ll spend some quality time. Get bathing salts and scented candles to set the mood. Shower all your partner with all the love and attention possible. Last but not the lease, arrange for champagne. Sipping on champagne in the bathtub makes the event even more romantic.

  • Prepare A Special Dinner


Cook your partner’s favourite dish and bake him/her a birthday cake rather than buying one. This will mean a lot to them. It will touch their heart and make them happy. It’s important to show them that you’d take a million efforts to bring a smile on their face.

  • Gift Them Something That Matters


Gifting materialistic presents is conventional and average. Think of something that your partner has been wishing and talking about since forever. For eg- If your partner has been wanting to join a dance academy or painting class but hasn’t been able to find the time to do so, enroll his/her name for it. Pay the fees and gift them an envelop with the enrollment receipt and a meaningful letter telling them how much they mean to you. This shows that you listen to your partner and would fulfill his/her every dream!

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  • Netflix And Chill


Now, if your partner isn’t a social person and likes to celebrate occasions in a simple way, nothing can be better than sitting back at home, relaxing, ordering pizza and watching his/her favourite netflix series. Yes, alcohol is necessary! This can be followed by a passionate session of sex. This will help your partner have a good time with you and celebrate his/her birthday just the way they’d want it.

  • Plan A Trip


On the day of your partner’s birthday, announce a short one day picnic and take him/her to their favourite location in and around your city. A nearby hill station would be a great idea. A romantic long drive and spending the entire day out is not only gong to make their birthday special but also help them unwind. Click loads of pictures,hog on your favourite food, talk to one another and have a good time.

Thus, go ahead and do any of these. It’ll surely make your partner’s birthday memorable!

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