5 Hot Spots Your Man Wants You To Touch

These will make him go crazy for you!

5 Hot Spots Your Man Wants You To Touch

He won’t say it for the fear of being seen as a pansy but your man needs constant reassurance and pampering about his looks and sexuality, just the way you do. Make him feel like the ultimate Adonis by studying his hot spots right before going in for the kill. Go for these hotspots and watch him squeal with delight.

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Make sure your lips are on duty on this somewhat neglected erogenous zone to set his temperature rising. Ears are the storehouse of ample of nerve endings. Just nibble him gently by leaning on his back. Whisper something naughty in his ear and kiss him on the backside of his neck. This will certainly turn his earlobes scarlet and turn him on too!

Lower back

Now this is a real turn-on zone and you would want to take your time here to see him moaning. Give him a gentle rub with the help of your elbows just above his butt crack to loosen him up. Rub your palm rigorously over his back to generate heat in the zone. It will work wonders for him.

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Given the amount of glutes or fats this hot spot stores, it most certainly requires a lot of working. Fats act as shock absorbers and suck a major portion of the physical strain and tension his body takes up. Revolve your fingertips and the lower part of palms in circular motions with adequate pressure on his bun cheeks to relieve him of tension and let him feel the sense of pleasure.

Lower abdomen

Once he is aroused, amplify his sensitivity by touching and gently kissing him just under his belly button to make the blood flow ‘down under’. Run your nails over his lower stomach for an electrifying result and instant erection.

Inner thighs

This is the final nail in the coffin, the stunner before you set the stage for the finale. Inner thighs are as sensitive as his ‘key area’. Extract all stiffness, he’s garnered in this region due to his hectic schedule and occupied life by giving him a good massage. Squeeze and pinch him gently, followed by upward strokes to navigate the blood flow towards his crotch.

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