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5 Home Remedies For Blocked Nose

Blocked nose must be the worst thing about cold. You can’t breathe properly, you can’t sleep properly, you can’t eat properly and you can’t carry out the simple mundane day-to-day chores without panting within few minutes. No matter how much you try to avoid there is always a feeling of discomfort hovering your senses. You try your best to cure it, trying some medicines or a nasal spray… But do you know you have fail-proof remedies right in your household? Here are 5 home remedies for blocked nose.

Herbal Steam

You must have heard that exposing your forehead, nose and neck to a hot steam is very beneficial to get rid of many nasal and cough problems such as sinus congestion, nose congestion, dry cough, etc. Furthermore, you can make the steam more effective by adding certain household medicinal stuffs such as camphor, ajwain (carom seeds), eucalyptus oil, etc.

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Home-made Herbal Tea


If you are a tea lover you are going to enjoy this remedy! Experiment with your tea by adding any one or a customised combo of household spices and herbs such as clove, pepper powder, fresh ginger or dry ginger, tulsi, mint leaves, ashwagandha (liquorice), etc. These herbs help in melting the dry cough and mucous congesting nasal track and even sinus. Brew it, sip on it!

Keep Your Nose Clean

The most effective and hassle-free method of nose cleaning is jal neti. It is a yoga-kriya, been taught in India from the likes of ancient sages since more than 2500 years, and now adapted open-armed by the western world. Also when your are blowing your nose to remove the congesting mucous, do gently, otherwise, blowing nose hardly can cause severe headache, and in worst cases, bending of nasal bone.

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Right Breathing Technique

Right breathing techniques are a part of yoga; they are called pranayama. Learn them; practise them daily, and see the miracle they do to not just your nasal track but also to your over-all health. One such pranayama is ‘Nadi Shuddhi’ which is specifically for the gentle cleansing of the nasal track in the right manner. It is very easy to do and the best thing about it is that you can practise them anywhere and anytime of the day.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Last but not the least at all – drink plenty of water. Blocked nose is a result of excessive dry mucous in the nasal track and cold. This slowly dehydrates our system and worsens health. Therefore, keep hydrating yourself throughout the day, especially when you are not well. You may not feel like gulping down a glass of water, and it is absolutely fine. 2-3 gulps of water every 30 minutes also count.

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