5 Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of Your Split Ends

Split up with split ends!

5 Helpful Tips To Get Rid Of Your Split Ends



Every girl yearns for beautiful, long and voluminous hair that is also healthy and silky. You might do everything right to achieve those hair goals but still end up face to face with your hair’s worse arch enemy — split ends. They occur when the external protective oil layer of the hair wears off due to extensive styling and rough conduct. It’s common knowledge that the only way of getting rid of split ends for good is by chopping your hair off. That’s brutal, isn’t it? But don’t be vexed, we have some unusual information for you, cutting your hair is not the only solution to doing away with stubborn split ends. Here is a list of things you can do at home to not only relieve yourself from split ends but also to protect your luscious locks from them.

  • The right way to shampoo


To avoid split ends, you should know the right way to shampoo your hair. Using too much shampoo can strip your hair of its protective oils, leaving your hair dry and vulnerable. Over shampooing is one of the biggest reasons split ends come about. You only need enough shampoo to wash you’re your roots thoroughly. Do not wash your hair more than thrice a week. Rinse your hair with cold water as hot water will erode the protective oils of your hair furthermore.

  • Be gentle


Another common reason that causes split ends is the rough managing of hair. When untangling your hair ensure you use a wide toothed comb. Normal brushes tend to break your hair from its root. Be extremely gentle while combing, start at the bottom and work your up. If you encounter a large knot, untangle with your fingers instead of trying to force it out with your brush. Unless you have really thick hair do not comb wet hair, wait for it to completely dry. Also, you need to be extremely tender while drying your hair after a wash. Do not go on rubbing as it will weaken your roots.

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  • Hair Tools

young woman drying her hair with a hair dryer

Hair tools may ensure you have a good day but in the bargain, they also corrode your hair. Your hair cannot withstand such direct heat. Hence avoid using a curling iron or a straightener every day. The regular influx of intense heat breaks down your hair leaving it coarse and gritty opening the path for split ends. Even while blow drying your hair, always use a nozzle to filter the heat and the pressure which can easily damage your hair.

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  • Deep Conditioning


Do you remember your mother nagging you to oil your hair every week as a child? Well, mothers are always right. Oil is like fairy dust to your hair. It prevents and repairs all sorts of damage. Deep conditioning with coconut or jojoba oil at least twice a week will repair split ends and restore the moisture in your hair. Massage warm oil onto your scalp and through the length of your hair and leave it on either over night or for a minimum of two hours. Thoroughly wash your hair with cold water and feel the magic.

  • DIY Avocado Hair Mask


Avocado is extremely beneficial for the hair. It not only softens your hair but also repairs the damages and it’s especially advantageous for split ends as it contains Vitamin D and K with nourishes and hydrates hair. Take a ripe avocado and a half a cup of olive oil. Mash the Avocado in a bowl and add the olive oil and mix well. Apply evenly all over your hair expect on the roots. Keep it for 30-45 minutes to best results and then wash thoroughly with a mild shampoo.

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