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5 Healthy Ingredients You Must Add To Your Tea #ChaiLove

Monsoon is still here and let that be morning, afternoon or evening, almost everyone craves for a nice piping hot cup of tea. And with tea-lovers, monsoon simply adds to all the excuses for having a steaming cup of tea. To add-on, you can make your everyday tea into a healthy potion by adding just 5 of these ingredients that are ever-present in your kitchen. You can add one or a combination of two or more of these 5 ingredients…

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Put 2 cloves in a cup of tea is what you must do on daily basis. Clove is antibacterial. It is said to be an anti-carcinogenic, which means, on daily consumption in small amount, clove can help our body fight against cancer-causing cells. Clove are widely known to regulate blood sugar, enhance immune system, and consists of compounds such as isoflavones, flavones and flavonoids which are beneficial for healthy bones. Clove is also known to keep our oral health in a good state. It cures headaches and sinus issues, relieves stress and is a very good anti-inflammatory.


Ginger’s omnipresence can make it so easily accessible in any part of our country! So much so that we can easily say that adding ginger in tea is more or less like a tradition in almost every household. Ginger in any form is beneficial to our body because it helps in digestion and relieves one from nausea, cold and cough. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory and and anit-carcinogenic too. Also, consuming ginger-tea daily, at least once, is a slow but guaranteed remedy for bronchitis, migraine and bowel-related issues.

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Cinnamon is considered one of the top anti-oxidants amongst all spices. It contains anti-inflammatory properties, helps fight diabetes, helps in reducing body-fat, fights infections and viruses, etc. Cinnamon is also known to be beneficial for dental health – it fights bacteria that causes bad breath, cavities and tooth decay. Consuming cinnamon on daily basis will help your skin to fight acne issues and give facial skin that much needed supple and effortless glow.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is one of the most domestic spice world-wide. It is unadvisable to have it every single day in your tea if your tummy is sensitive against spices, but adding less than a pinch of black pepper in your cup of tea do wonders! Black pepper not only improves digestion but also helps in weight loss, skin care, strengthening the respiratory tract, etc. It is also known to be an antioxidant and treats peptic ulcers. Black pepper in tea is one of the best concoctions to lessen the effects of sinus issues, cold and cough, migraine and such.


The humble tulsi is like the mother of all domestic remedies! There is a reason it is called the Holy Basil in India, and is still worshipped every morning in many parts of the country. Drinking tea induced with tulsi is like giving your body a natural and guaranteed protective shield against almost all the disease-causing organisms. Tulsi cures respiratory disorders, treats asthma, and such. It has Vitamin C in it which makes it an amazing anti-oxidant such eugenol which is helps reducing cholesterol levels in the blood. Tulsi is one of the best remedy to reduce stress and relieve headache. Humble tulsi is actually not so humble when it fights against unhealthy agents in and outside our body.

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