5 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey, a nectar that lends a degree of deliciousness to the simplest of food items has several medicinal properties. One can simply spread honey over a bread or consume it with milk or water. However, what are its health benefits.Read more to find out.

5 Health Benefits of Honey

Honey, a natural sweetener that has been an ingredient of a variety of recipes since ancient times also hoards tremendous health benefits. Consumption of honey on a daily basis can prove to be beneficial for your health if consumed in the right proportion.  Here are a few health benefits of the delicious honey.

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  • Probiotic


Probiotics are friendly bacteria that aid in strengthening your body’s immunity system. It renders the production of immune cells. Thus, honey also offers therapeutic properties that help in reducing stress levels. Consuming a tablespoon of honey with green tea on a daily basis can do wonders to your skin as well as health.

  • Blood Sugar Regulation


Yes, honey does contain simple sugars but it isn’t the same as consuming white sugar or artificial sweeteners. The perfect balance between fructose and glucose makes honey an ideal component to control the sugar levels in your body. Many types of honey have a low hypoglycemic index that prevents your sugar from shooting upto high levels of instability.

  • Reduces Cough And Throat Irritation


Honey is known to kill bacteria that prevails in the throat and causes irritation. It has antimicrobial properties. Sore throat can be cured by honey as it breaks down secretions which in turn leads to attaining a clear throat. It also has soothing properties which help sore throat in recovering faster.

  • Boosts Functioning Of The Brain


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Owing to its natural antioxidant properties and therapeutic nature, honey promotes cognitive functioning of the brain. It reduces risks of dementia and improves the brain’s cholinergic system and circulation.

  • Remedy For Ailments


Honey has proven to be extremely effective in treating yeast infections, burns and cuts. Mixed with turmeric, it can be applied on open injuries and you shall see the results within two-three days. It’s antiseptic properties contribute to curing ailments in the most natural and cost-effective method.

Thus, go ahead and get into the habit of making honey a part of your daily diet. Avail its numerous advantages while indulging into its heavenly taste at the same time.

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