5 Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball

Gather your gang and play a game of basketball whenever possible. Not only will it give you a chance to meet your friends but also help you stay fit!

5 Health Benefits Of Playing Basketball

Besides being an extremely fun game to play, basketball renders to achieving a good physique and an alert mind if played regularly. In fact, many celebrities are known to resort this sport if and when their daily exercise routine tends to get too monotonous for them. The game offers several health benefits. Here are a few of them.

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  • Enhances Cardiovascular Health



Since this is a game that requires one to be constantly on their toes and carefully alert, it increases heart rate and ensures that its endurance power enhances. This further reduces the risk of heart attacks, cardiac arrests, strokes and various other heart diseases.

  • Gives You Stronger Bones


The game demands a lot of body movement like jumping and running. This promotes bone health by building their strength. New bone tissues are formed and it they make the bones less prone to injuries. The constant rift between the muscles and bones causes nothing but better cognition and increased strength.

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  • Burns Calories


The involvement of numerous aerobic activities like running, jumping and quick lateral movements, as well as reflex actions, contributes to burning a substantial number of calories. If played professionally, basketball is capable of burning as many as 900 calories in an hour. Burning off calories undoubtedly leads to weight-loss and maintaining the fitness of the body.

  • Improves Reflex Actions And Cognitive Functioning


The game needs immense concentration as one has to constantly look out for the passing of the ball. This improves hand-eye coordination because you tend to move in accordance with your eye-sight as to where the ball goes. Dribbling is a skill in the game which requires a finer degree of coordination. This leads to enhanced motor skills when learned perfectly. Various types of shots towards the basket when practiced and performed help in increasing synchronised movement of the body. Quicker reflexes are essential to the game and otherwise as well.

  • Mental Development


As we know basketball is a fast-paced mental game requiring movements as swift as a gazelle’s. It has been proven by researchers that playing this sport promotes a quicker grasping power and an alert mind. Individuals who play basketball turn out to be quick learners and are capable of paying attention for longer than those who don’t. They are known to make effective decisions and stay calm and composed. Their mental health has proven to be excellent.

While basketball can be en interesting game to watch, it even more interesting when played. Go ahead and play basketball while enjoying yourself and availing its tremendous health benefits at the same time!

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