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5 Health Benefits Of Black Pepper In Winter

More than clothing, Indians love to stock their kitchens differently as per changing seasons and climatic conditions. There are certain foods and spices that help us cope with relatively drier and cold winter weather. One of the magic spices is black pepper. Here are 6 health benefits that this amazing tiny little black pod provide us to protect ourselves from harsh cold winter days.

A Cough And Sore Throat Remedy

Not only in Ayurveda, but black pepper has also been considered medicinal throughout the world’s ancient medical sciences. A certain property of pepper is known to regulate fluid circulation in our body – this also includes keeping a check on the mucus flow in our system. It is also said to reduce the adversities of asthma. Simply mix equal quantity of finely ground black pepper powder and honey and consume it little by little. Your cold as well as a cough will go away in the most effective way. You can also sprinkle some black salt and black pepper powder on a nice steaming bowl of soup. After all, who doesn’t love slurping on tasty warm liquid goodness!


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Improves Digestion

Black pepper does magic to our digestion and digestive system! especially during winters when our digestion is relatively low. On suffering from the issue of indigestion, cut a lemon into two halves, sprinkle black pepper powder and ground black salt on one half of it; heat this and suck the warm lemon juice directly. Also, to strengthen and improve your digestive system – cut some fresh ginger in small pieces and roast them. Add black pepper powder and rock salt to it and mix well.

Moreover, when it comes to nutrition-check, consumption of black pepper helps the body absorb more nutrients from our daily food intake. Sprinkle some pepper powder (white and/or black) on fruit and vegetable salads during winter days.

Antibacterial Quality

Not many know that black pepper has antibacterial property. Though it might not strengthen our immune system, it does help us fight against infections and insect bites. Also, direct application of ground pepper powder, mixed in ghee, on certain skin infections such as ringworm will help one get relief. Some studies say that consumption of pepper also keep our skin healthy and protected from acne-causing bacteria.

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Relief From Sinus And Migraine

Since black pepper can keep a check on mucus flow in our body, it also has the properties of ‘melting’ a cough (mucus substance) that gets dried and stuck in the sinus part of our head, especially in cold weather. To curb the cold weather, add 1-2 pinches of finely ground black pepper powder in your tea, give it a boil and sip it. This will not only help relieve sinus issues but also give warmth to your body.

Helps You Sweat 

Consuming black pepper in some amount will provide your body enough warmth so that your skin break some sweat. During winters, if having very irregular workout sessions, our body tends to sweat much lesser than during summer days. This clogs our sweat pores and our skin is badly affected because of this. Therefore, breaking a sweat is very important for not only healthy skin but also for proper blood circulation. Add some black pepper powder in your morning tea or consume a simple potion of black pepper, cinnamon, honey and licorice boiled in a cup of water.

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