5 Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

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5 Health Benefits Of Mushrooms

Not only are mushrooms extremely tasty but healthy as well. A commonly used food ingredient in diet meals, mushrooms offer tremendous health benefits. Here are a few of them.

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  • Prevent Cancer


Mushrooms contain Beta-Glucans and Conjugated Linoleic Acid which efficiently prevent cancer due to their anti-carcinogenic effects. Linoleic acid curbs the development of excess estrogen. Estrogen is one of the main causes of breast cancer.

  • Boost Immunity


Mushrooms are rich in antioxidants which protect the body from various diseases. The antioxidant Ergothioneine contains sulfur which is deficient in a lot of individuals. This element helps in boosting the immunity effectively.

  • Lower Cholesterol

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They do not hold fats or cholesterol and are also extremely low in carbohydrate levels. Hence, they make a perfect food for diet freaks and those who suffer from heart diseases. The fiber and enzymes present in mushrooms control cholesterol levels, keeping your heart healthy.

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  • Improve Bone Health


Rich in calcium, mushrooms are good for your bones. Besides calcium, mushrooms hoard other nutrients and also help in nutrition absorption from other foods which are needed by the body thus, mushrooms are extremely good to maintain your bone health.

  • Prevent Diabetes


High in water and fiber content, mushrooms are excellent to keep diseases at bay. The high insulin content makes sure that the sugar consumed is broken down. This ensures the smooth functioning of the digestive system as well as of pancreas and liver.

Make mushrooms a part of your daily diet to avail of its various benefits!

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