5 Health Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes

Tangy and juicy, tomatoes offer many health benefits!

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Tomatoes

While most of us love to have tangy tomato ketchup to dip our snacks in, it is important to note that consuming raw or cooked tomatoes is a far more health-beneficial option. Here are 5 health benefits of eating tomatoes.

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  • Strengthens Bones

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Tomatoes contain calcium and vitamin K which are essential nutrients in enhancing bone strength as well as repairing bone tissues. Thus, eating tomatoes is important to achieve strong bones.

  • Prevents Cancer


The high content of lycopene in tomatoes aids in curbing the growth of cancer-causing cells in the body. It is efficient in preventing the occurrence of prostate, stomach and colorectal cancer.

  • Maintains Heart Health


The vitamin B and potassium present in tomatoes effectively controls cholesterol, lowering blood pressure to a stable degree. This reduces the risk of heart attacks, cardiac arrests and any heart-related diseases.

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  • Controls Blood Sugar And Is Good For Kidneys


Eating tomatoes has proven to reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. Furthermore, eating tomatoes also keeps track of blood sugar levels. Tomatoes are rich in a mineral called chromium which helps control insulin levels and keep diabetes at bay.

  • Improves Eye-sight


Rich in vitamin A, tomatoes are exceptionally good for your eye-sight. They help in improving your vision as well as treating night blindness and preventing it from causing. Lastly, tomatoes hoards tremendous antioxidants and vitamin C, which prove helpful in purifying the blood and achieving healthy skin.

Best when eaten raw but can also be consumed in various forms like soup or vegetables, tomatoes offer health as well as beauty benefits. Thus, make them a part of your daily meal.

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