5 Health Benefits Of Eating Dates

Diet Experts recommend consuming atleast one date per day!

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Dates

Dates are said to have umpteen health benefits. Not only are they tasty but also extremely healthy to eat. However, if you’re on a quest to lose weight, you might not want to consume them on a daily basis as they render to weight-gain and muscle development. It is best to consume them in a measured quantity once a week unless you are under-weight and want to put on a few kilos. Nonetheless, it is important to consume them once in a while for those who do not intend to gain weight as well. Here are a few health benefits of dates.

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  • Strengthens Bones


Dates hoard numerous minerals like selenium, manganese, magnesium and copper which are helpful in strengthening bones as well as keeping diseases like osteoporosis at bay.

  • Treats Intestinal Disorders

human colon

Dates have a good amount of nicotine in them which can aid several intestinal disorders. They render to the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines which efficiently battle any pathologically harmful organisms present in the system. The insoluble as well as soluble fibers present in dates improve digestion.

  • Treats Anemia


The iron content in dates make them a perfect food supplement for people who are suffering from anemia. Anemic patients have low iron content in their body which leads to fatigue. Thus, consuming dates aids in balancing the lack of the mineral further improving the immunity system.

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  • Promotes Weight Gain


While the fight against weight-gain and obesity continues, there is a simultaneous battle fought by individuals against anorexia. Individuals who are under-weight should undoubtedly start sonsuming dates as they are excellent for muscle growth and weight-gain.

  • Maintains Health Of The Nervous System


Rich in nutrients, dates have offer a lot of vitamins to the body which promote the smooth functioning of the nervous system. It keeps it healthy as well as makes the brain stay more alert and receptive to the body’s actions and needs. It sharpens your mind.

Thus, go ahead and avail yourself of the nutrition and numerous health benefits offered by dates.

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