5 Health Benefits Of Corn

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5 Health Benefits Of Corn

Corn, one of the most healthiest and tastiest food items doesn’t need a particular time and place to be eaten. It’s an absolute delight to relish the lemon and spice rubbed bhutta sticks during monsoon, isn’t it? Similarly, boiled corn is an excellent mid-meal snack to resort to. Here are a few health benefits of corn which makes it an ideal food item to consume.

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  • Prevents Hemorroids


Corn kernels contain 18.4% fibers which are helpful in keeping away indigestion and hemorroid problems. Fiber is helpful in achieving a smooth motion of stool.  It produces bile and gastric juices which stimulate healthy digestion. Corn is a whole grain that is also helpful in curbing the risk colon cancer.

  • Weight Gain


Corn is rich in calories and is beneficial for those who wish to gain some healthy weight. It contains 349 calories per 100 grams. Hence, many nutritionists suggest underweight individuals to consume corn on a daily basis.

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  • Prevents Cancer


Corn hoards antioxidants which are effective in fighting cancer radicals. It is advisable to consume cooked corn as cooking increases the number of active antioxidants present in corn. It is also rich in a phenolic compound called ferulic acid, an anti-carcinogenic agent which prevents the development of tumours in the breast and liver.

  • Prevents Anemia


Anemia is a health condition when the blood cell count in your body decreases. It is casued due to lack of vitamin content in the body. Hence, it is advisable to eat corn which is rich in vitamins. These vitamins help in the formation of new blood cells and beat anemia.

  • Improves Eye Health


Corn is rich in beta-carotene which provides the body with vitamin A. This is very good for the eye health and improves vision.

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