5 Haircare Tips To Tackle The Hot And Humid Weather

5 basic hacks to follow for an effective haircare...

5 Haircare Tips To Tackle The Hot And Humid Weather

Hot and humid weather conditions mean frizzy, dull, and absolutely unmanageable hair – the worst nightmare for every woman. Do not worry. Here are 5 very simple haircare tips that will help you tackle the hot and humid weather conditions.

Nourish The Scalp

When the roots are strong, the tree is strong. It is similar to our hair too. Taking care of scalp means you are taking care of nearly 50 per cent of your hair issues. Treat your scalp with suitable hair oils – suitable for your scalp-skin type (whether dry or oily). If you are facing dandruff issues, go for an anti-dandruff treatment right away. A scalp and hair massage using coconut oil will not only nourish your scalp and hair but also works towards preconditioning and controlling frizz.

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Suitable Hair Products 

Since our hair tends to get absolutely frizzy, dull and unmanageable in these weather conditions, you must use suitable hair products (shampoo, conditioner, serum, masks, etc.) Opt for anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner so that your hair becomes humidity-proof. Post-shower use a hair serum so that you not only are able to easily de-tangle them but also because it retains required moisture of your hair. Use nourishing hair masks twice a month. They create a cocoon of goodness for your hair.

Let Hair Dry Naturally

In these weather conditions there two hair drying methods you must avoid – 1) Towel-tying. 2)Blow-drying. These methods take away the much-needed moisture from your hair and make it even drier and duller. You can towel-pat your hair to remove excess water post-shower, apply some serum and let it dry naturally. After THAT you can use a blow-drier and/or hair iron to style your hair.

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Visit A Salon/See An Expert

Hot and humid weather condition is the worst for your hair. Hair issues such as split-ends, over-dryness, frizz, breakage, etc. aggravate even more in these weather conditions. No matter how much you try to tackle these on your own, you need an expert to take a look and suggest a suitable treatment for the same. Also, to avoid split-end and hair breakage issues, one must go hair-trimming at least once in every 2 months (split-ends can easily develop in 6 to 8 weeks in highly unsuitable weather conditions). Therefore, visit a good salon.

Tie And Cover Your Hair

The simplest hair-protection technique is tying your hair and covering it when you are to head out. Tying will minimise frizzing effects of your hair, and covering it will protect your hair from sun’s UV rays and dust particles. Try not to tie your hair tightly because it will do more damage to your hair’s roots than damage-control. Cover your hair only with cotton cloths as they absorb sweat better than the other materials.

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