5 Hair Care Resolutions To Make In 2019

5 Hair Care Resolutions To Make In 2019

We are almost done with 2018 and most of us are thinking about our New Year’s resolutions we want to follow to ensure that we make up for all the damage done in 2018. Hair care resolutions should definitely find their place in your lists to guarantee better hair days in 2019. Below are a few easy resolutions to salvage your shine and bring back the bounce in 2019.

Hair Nutrition

Hair Nutrition

Great hair comes from within. Daily vitamins and a healthy balanced diet of hair-strengthening foods will bring you closer to your hair goals. A protein and iron rich diet nourishes you from within, leading to less hair fall. Making healthy decisions on a daily basis will strengthen your tresses for a longer run.

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Timely Trims

Hair Care Resolutions

Regular trims, that are once in 6-8 weeks reduces hair damage. This also gives your tresses a vigorous and gleaming look. In addition, regular cuts help to prevent split ends and breakages. Freshly cut hair looks & feels much healthier and aids in hair growth as well.

A Little Heat Escape

Heat-styling products

Heat-styling products if used regularly and excessively can be worrisome for your hair. It is highly suggested that even if you want to dry your hair, then make sure that the dryer is at least 15 cm away from your hair. Further, heat protectants could be a major saviour if you wish to use a straightener or a curler.

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Rinse With Cold Water

Hair Wash

Washing your hair with hot water can lead to damage of the protective cuticles on the outer layer of each hair strand. Going ahead, it leads to moisture- loss, leaving your hair frizzy. Use of cold water seals the cuticles that control unwanted frizz. Cold-water leaves your hair shinier with all the extra moisture that makes your hair is smoother.

Indulge In Regular Conditioning

Hair Conditioning

Daily exposure to atmospheric toxic hair and harmful sun’s rays damper hair shine & lustre and results in regular breakage. Many people in their hair routines skip conditioner and only focus on shampooing which is just a soap that helps in cleansing. Hair conditioning helps to maintain your hair health and retaining natural oils. During the cleansing process, the cuticle (the outer ‘shell’ of your hair) of your hair is roughed up a bit. Conditioner helps balance the pH levels in your hair and smooths that cuticle down, which helps preserve and lock in your hair color as well as the moisture balance. A smooth cuticle is healthier looking, shinier, and has better body and bounce.

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