5 Hair Accessories To Dress Up Your Ponytail

5 Hair Accessories To Dress Up Your Ponytail

Bored of always pulling the same ponytail every time you go out? Well, here’s a solution. The easiest and the fastest way to style your ponytails is do by stocking up some hair accessories. And plus it won’t take you more than 10 minutes! So keep reading if you are wondering what these accessories are.

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1. Satin Ribbon

Remember the good old days when tying a satin ribbon around your ponytail was a trend? Well, don’t hesitate to bring back this trend! Tie a black or navy blue ribbon around your ponytail and there you have a simple yet super classy hairstyle.

2. Stylish headband

A simple, studded headband looks nothing but gorgeous. Add this headband and tie your hair into a regular ponytail. We are sure you’ll definitely love this look.

3. Printed Scarf

Scarves are just not meant only to tie around your neck. You can as well use it to accessorise you hair in a very chic manner. Tie your hair in to loose ponytail and wrap a printed scarf around it. Ain’t this a perfect look to hang out the beach all afternoon?

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4.  Small Hair Clips

You might have probably come across those hair clips available in sets of 3 or 4. Well, they are great to style your ponytail. The ones in pearl or diamond look absolutely gorgeous. Clip some of these at your lower ponytail and you’ll be pleased!

5. Floral Hair Ties

There isn’t a thing that does not look elegant with floral on it. So take advantage of their beauty and incorporate them in your hairstyle. There are many such accessories available in the market from you which you can choose from. Add one to a half tied ponytail and we are sure it’ll turn out great.

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