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5 Hair Accessories You Can Rock This Festive Season

With the festive season upon us, it’s time to get creative with every part of your outfit. And that includes your hair! Wear it up or wear it down, some new hairstyles are bound to stay around. But there’s another way to stay cool this season. And that is to add some much-needed hair accessories. What are they? Well, anything you can think of from studded hair pins to elaborate hair nets. Whatever your outfit, style these hair accessories accordingly.

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  • Metal Hair Cuff

Add much-needed color with glitzy scrunchies. Work your hair into a high ponytail, don on a chic kurta – leggings look with this metallic hair tie or cuff and you’re ready to go dance the night away.

  • Hair Pins

When working with hairpins, things can get tedious. The best way is to be minimal and use only simple statement hairpins. They can be metal studs or rhinestones and other materials as long as they catch attention and keep your hair in order.

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  • Bun Rings

A hair bun needs to be secured, and hairpins that hold them in are often too small to hold the hair in. A good way is to opt for ‘bun rings’ that basically capture all your hair together and lets you tie it with a pin or stick between the rings.

  • Hair Rings

Braids? Loop in hair rings for a stylish modern twist to the plain braid. Go crazy with these rings as they work with any outfit and only makes things more interesting!

  • Head Piece

Pick a traditional ‘matha patti’ and add your own touch. Layer it up with pins and rings depending on how glamourous you want to look. You could always twist it to display it on your tresses behind rather than in the front. These headpieces will surely make heads turn!

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