5 Hacks To Dry Your Nail Polish Instantly

5 Hacks To Dry Your Nail Polish Instantly

Applying nail polish may look easy but it’s no child’s play. While a few women are especially skilled in applying it perfectly, most of us have several struggles to witness. From spilled sides to messy application on the left hand, the clumsy girl’s struggle is all too real. However, the time it really gets heartbreaking is when after you have achieved a near-perfect application, you end up messing it up. You try your best to do absolutely nothing till your nail polish completely dries, but when your phone rings, your reflexes prompt you to rummage through anything and everything to get to it! We hope the call or text was worth it. Not? Fret not, here’s how you can dry your nail polish instantly and not be held a prisoner of vanity, for long.

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1) Apply thin coats

Nail Polish Hacks

When you apply thicker coats, it takes a long time to dry and more often than not, gets embossed into. Instead, apply three thin coats. Wait after each coat to allow it some time to dry.

2) Use a gel nail polish

If you are still not using gel nail enamel, then which era are you living in? Gel nail polish dries almost instantly and lasts longer too. Do invest in a pretty shade and believe us, you will be hooked.

3) Dip your hands in ice cold water

Nail Polish Hacks

Take a bowl filled with ice cubes and pour some water into it. After applying each coat, dip your nails in this freezing cold water. Voila! Your nail polish will dry instantly. If this is too much effort, you can also simply dunk your hands in the freezer section.

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4) Dip your nails in oil

Nail Oil

You can dip your nails in coconut or olive oil for quick drying. What’s more, it will also nourish your nails and make your cuticles softer.

5) Use a fast-drying top coat

Dry Nail Polish

What’s more, a fast-drying top coat will also act as a protective layer and help your nail polish last longer.

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