5 Habits Of Healthy Women

5 Habits Of Healthy Women

We take our bodies for granted and abuse our minds. We binge and laze and expect impossibly high energy levels. Then, the body acts up, reacting to all the stimuli that we’ve been feeding it. For optimum performance, our body and mind must be respected. While prioritising everything and everyone else, we must make time for treating ourselves well. In a study of more than 80,000 nurses, Harvard researchers found that the risk of heart attacks could be reduced by 82 per cent if the nurses simply exercised, ate a healthy diet and didn’t smoke. Incorporate these small but life-changing health strategies and reach your optimum level of fitness. You owe it to yourself.

  1. The habit of regular medical check-ups

This is a no neglect zone. Get a full health check-up annually. Threatened illnesses don’t go away if you become an ostrich and bury your head in the sand. Elicit information on the annual check-up packages at hospitals and mark the dates for medical appointments in your planner. Jot down anything you want to ask, any symptoms you’ve noticed, any details you want to know. Stay tuned to the changes in your body, understand its needs and recognise any irregularities. Listen to your biological clock. Keep your appointments without fail.

  1. The habit of exercise

Healthy women swear by a daily workout that prods the body into behaving. Fitness regimes keep your body active and looking good and release feel-good endorphins that make you feel on top of the world and give you a buzz that keeps you going longer. Choose the exercise routine that works best for you whether it is dancing the salsa, Pilates, asthanga yoga or the good old brisk morning walk. Buy a pair of sturdy shoes and comfortable sweat absorbent clothes. Fix an hour or a half exclusively for exercise. Take the stairs where possible. Don’t scoff at household chores. Making the beds, sweeping and swabbing are known to burn off a lot of calories. Join a hiking or trekking group.

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  1. The habit of eating healthy

A good diet lies somewhere between nibbling away at meals and gorging on unhealthy food. A sensible and healthy food plan reduces the physical ageing of the body and helps you look and feel younger and healthier. Throw all junk food and over-processed food into the bin. Stock your larder with low-fat versions of the food you enjoy. Say no to deep fried food and syrupy products. Down at least 8-10 glasses of water. Nutritional needs change throughout the various stages of your life. Your body may have special needs, especially if you are pregnant or ill. Eat accordingly. Never skip breakfast. It’s the meal that will give you energy to kick-start the day. Customise a plan that fits your personal lifestyle.

  1. The habit of prayer

Connecting with a higher power through meditation or prayer never fails in lowering stress levels. Choose the kind of meditation or prayer that fits in with your beliefs and religious affiliations. Take time off to enroll in yoga, learn to breathe deeply and get more oxygen. Harness the power of mantra and chanting. Begin by sitting quietly in a particular place at a particular time and empty your mind. Practise being silent for at least 15 minutes every day and you become a calmer person with a store-house of energy.

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  1. The habit of looking good

Nothing boosts your confidence as much as looking good. Investing time and effort in being well groomed gives you a psychological high and is an instant mood elevator. Narrow down the style of clothes you feel most comfortable in and make you look great in and stick to the look. Give a damn about being trendy. Style is timeless and being well groomed is always in. Check your wardrobe periodically, adding, subtracting and revamping to suit your personality.

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