5 Fun Ways To Style Your Mini Skirts

5 Fun Ways To Style Your Mini Skirts

Mini skirts – the game changer of the 90’s. Who knew a simple piece of clothing with a hiked hemline could make such a statement! Wearing mini skirts make you feel sexy, confident and empowered in all the right ways. Pair it with bold makeup and heels, and you’re ready to tackle the day. So how do you style your mini skirts? Here are some of our tips that we’ve learnt from Bollywood actresses.

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With Boots

Mini Skirts Styles

The shorter the skirt, the longer the boots. Wearing boots with mini skirts is the ultimate trendy look. Be it an ankle or knee length, these boots act as focal points for your skirt’s hemline. Wearing stiletto heels, pointy sandals or strappy gladiators is also a good idea depending on the weather and occasion.

High Waisted

High Waisted Skirts

Raise the stakes with a high waist on your mini skirt. Hiked up waistbands are eye-catching and define your waistlines. Don’t belt your skirt since it will only ruin the look and break your outfit in the middle unnecessarily. High waist skirts will hide your navel (unless you wear it with a crop top) but be equally stylish..

Tailored Blouses

Tailored Blouses

Wearing a mini skirt with a tailored blouse comes off as a modern but chic look. You could opt for pastel hues and frilly floaty blouses with leather mini skirts for a party. Swap it with a midi skirt and a tailored blouse for work.

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Dress Shirts

Skirts With Dress Shirts

Wear them with dress shirts, tucked inside and under your skirt. It’s even better if it peeps out from under the hemline of your mini skirt like a tease. Wearing shirt dresses with mini skirts is also a good idea to look fashionable and comfy at the same time.

Crop Tops

Skirts With Crop Tops

Style your crop top with a mini skirt for a sexy look. You could always wear a two piece separate set that has a crop top to show off your midriff and a mini skirt to flaunt your legs. Adding a layer or a jacket will only add to the stylishness of this outfit.

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