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5 Fun Ways To Increase Flexibility

Today, the fast-paced world demands flexibility from us to juggle fairly between our professional and personal aspects of life. But do you know that our body craves flexibility too? Human is born very flexible, but as we age we lose this flexibility if we avoid taking care of it altogether. The flexibility of body does not only affect our physical health but also our mental health. The more flexible our body is the more stable, focused and content you are. Being flexible will make you more active, agile and feel good about yourself. Here are 5 fun ways to increase flexibility and even cut down the slack called extra flab!

Dynamic Warm-Ups

Never skip the most important part of your heavy workout routines – warm-up. They prepare your body for strenuous workout by warming your muscles and lubricants in your joints. But science apart, warm-ups can be real fun! Put on some really energetic and empowering music and start your warm-up routine with fun activities such as skipping, jumping jacks, squats, etc. Even brisk walk or a jog of 20 minutes on the treadmill will do wonders!

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Once in a while go for hiking with your friends. Hiking has so many benefits – it keeps you active and helps your mingle with not only your friends but also the nature. The activity climbing up and down the mountain does wonders to our whole body. You can carry out other activities like bird watching, plant spotting, fishing, etc. during hiking.


The word itself exerts energetic vibes! Zumba incorporates various dance forms and stretching exercises and is crazily loved by the millennials! The music, the body movements and the vibes surging while practicing zumba are what makes people love it. The body movements on the sprightly beats of the music give our body the much needed agility, flexibility and adrenaline!

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Pull out that swimming costume you have stacked in a corner of your wardrobe and make use of it! Swimming is considered one of the best exercises to not only tone your body but also to increase flexibility. Ask your social friend to tag along with you. Swimming, when practiced as a proper workout, helps strengthening the back and body posture, too. And if you feel like flaunting your dancing feet in water, opt for aqua aerobic.

Full Body Spa

Do you want to escape for a while after hustling and bustling every day, and yet want to keep tab on your body’s welfare? Go for a full body spa! Opt for aromatic therapy, full body massage, a hot steamy sauna and a long dip in Jacuzzi. This will definitely relax not your mind but also every fiber of your body.

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