5 Foods To Avoid For Weight-Loss

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5 Foods To Avoid For Weight-Loss

If you’re aiming to lose weight, it goes without saying that it is necessary to exercise regularly for atleast an hour. This helps in burning the body’s calories faster. However, it is also important to control your eating habits and follow a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and cutting down on unnecessary fat intake is essential to achieve a quicker weight-loss. Here are 5 foods that you must avoid if you want to lose weight faster!

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  • Packed Juices


Most of these packed drinks are anything but healthy. They contain added sugar and artificial flavours which are far from replacing fresh fruit juice. Furthermore, it is extremely unhealthy to consume aerated drinks like Coke. They contain excess sugar which is unhealthy for the body to consume. It would be safe to state the amount of calories found in packed fruit juices almost the same as found in aerated drinks.

  • White Bread


White bread is high on glycemic levels and is capable in spiking blood sugar levels in the body. Hence, it is better to eat brown bread. The yeast content in white bread is unhealthy. Moreover, white bread contains added sugar levels which do nothing but harm your body, increasing the risks of weight-gain and obesity if consumed regularly.

  • Cakes, Pastries And Cookies


Yes, they surely look tempting and are delicious too but are also unhealthy if consumed on a day-to-day basis. Satisfying your sweet tooth once in a while is necessary but gorging on pastries, cakes and cookies everyday will increase the glucose levels in your body out of proportion. These foods contain trans fats which cause weight-gain and are also responsible for certain heart ailments.

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  • Beer


A chilled beer is sure to wash all your stress away and make you feel like the weekend has arrived. However, it also brings with it unwanted calories and a protruding beer belly which nobody likes! Beer causes weight-gain. Wine is a healthier alternative but that too should be consumed in moderation.

  • Coffee


Increased consumption of caffeine is extremely unhealthy for your health. It will definitely enhance your metabolism but harm your health if consumed excessively. High-calorie coffee drinks with whipped cream and sugar is a strict no-no for those who aim to lose weight. Black coffee too should be consumed in proportion.

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