5 Food Habits That Will Help Reduce Belly Fat

Eat more and differently to cut down belly fat. Read on to know how...

5 Food Habits That Will Help Reduce Belly Fat

What when the only reason of not wearing a crop top is that paunch or belly fat? You feel like doing anything to reduce it. Exercise can certainly work fine, but it also our diet that needs to be taken care of for effective cut-down of fats.

Mind Your Sugar

Reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat or not, strictly say no to sugar. Sugar slows down metabolism rate, which directly affect weight and fat reduction. It is said that sugar can led to accumulation of fat in hips, belly and liver. Once in a while intake of sugar is absolutely fine. If you cannot go without a hot steaming sweet cuppa tea, opt for organic jaggery instead of sugar.

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Cut Down On Wheat


Even though studies say that wheat is a good source of carbohydrates, which should be consumed more than other macronutrients, our busy and sedentary lifestyle will want different. They make us feel lethargic and does not help in fat loss at all. Avoid consuming wheat; refined flour is a complete no-no. Instead, opt for rice, ragi, millets, jowar, etc. to make bhakaris for your main meals.

More Protein


Protein is the most important food macronutrient when it comes to reducing weight and building a healthy lifestyle. If fat and weight loss is on mind, adding more protein to your daily diet is one of the most effective way of going for a healthy diet. Have one whole boiled egg and a glass of milk for breakfast, add grilled chicken or fish to your meals to have sufficient amount of protein.

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Add Metabolism-Boosting Foods

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Without a good metabolism, it is next to impossible to lose weight in the desired manner. Metabolism is breaking down of food nutrients. A slow metabolism rate leads to health issues such as diabetes, obesity, hike in cholesterol in blood, etc. Add metabolism-boosting superfoods such as chilli, cinnamon, flax seeds, garlic, etc. to your diet.

Regular Meals

Belly Fat

Doctors, fitness experts, dietitians and even our elders have been advising us to never skip three meals of our day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having meals at regular times not only gives our body the energy we need to function but also balances out bodily functions and levels of various enzymes and hormones. Skipping meals cause accumulation of fats in our abdomen, thigh and hip areas. Researchers have said that having three square meals is the right way to avoid developing belly fat and aiding in fat reduction.

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