5 Fashion Terms Every Girl Should Know

If not English grammar, you can definitely go ahead and improve your fashion vocabulary!

5 Fashion Terms Every Girl Should Know

More often than not, we tend to get stuck on a term like ‘shoulder duster’ or ‘fanny bag’ while scrolling through a fashion magazine. Well, the problem is common. With the fashion game evolving at the speed of light, there come up new terminologies and words used to describe various styles and trends. Here are a few terminologies along with their meanings that would make the activity of reading a fashion article simpler and more decipherable for you.

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  • Shoulder Duster

shoulder duster

These are long earrings which manage to reach your shoulders. They are mostly in the form of shoulder-length tassels and have become a raging trend off lately.

  • Fanny Bags

fanny bags

No, the concept or meaning of this bag isn’t remotely related to fans. These are bags which can be tied around your waist and are extremely easy as well as comfortable to carry around.

  • No Show Socks


True to their name, these socks do not show above your ankles when you wear shoes or sneakers. Extremely cute and attractive, they are perfect to wear even on their own indoors.

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  • Bardot Neckline


A bardot neckline is nothing but an off-shoulder pattern which has been seen a lot in the outfits available these days. This pattern is a craze among all the customers out there and looks exceptionally trendy.

  • Batwing Sleeves


As the name suggests, these are sleeves that are simply shaped like the wings of a bat.

There you go, you just learned 5 new terms that have enhanced your fashion knowledge!

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