5 Fail-Proof Fashion Tips For This Party Season

5 Fail-Proof Fashion Tips For This Party Season

With Christmas and New Years’ eve creeping upon us, there will be loads of festive catch-ups to do with friends and family. Here’s how you can avoid committing common faux pas while dressing up for the next fashionable party. The best bit: these expert-backed tips are timeless, simple, and relevant to every age group.

Too large, too small



The worst party-dressing mistake is wearing clothes that don’t fit right. Don’t hide in the folds of your baggy outfit and don’t try to squeeze yourself into something just for the sake of it. “Your outfit needs to have shape and structure, it needs to show off your best parts, flatter your curves and be kind to your critical spots,” suggests designer Amy Billimoria.


Less is more


Accessories are a great way to draw the focus to areas of your body you would like people to notice. They also help you reflect your unique style. “Overdoing the accessories can easily ruin an otherwise great outfit and end up looking like a Christmas tree. So editing the look is as important as planning the look,” Shruti explains. If you are wearing a heavily embellished lehenga go for delicate jewellery or a single statement piece. This will accentuate your looks. If you want to highlight your toned arm, a cute bracelet can do the magic. It instantly diverts the attention to your best feature. Add an element of surprise! A neon belt might completely change the look of a black top or a huge sparkling ring will bring a touch of sophistication.

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Don’t be a fashion victim

This is a very common party mistake. Instead of being understatedly elegant, some women pull out all the stops for a party by wearing the most flamboyant outfit in their closet. You don’t want to look conspicuous by being the most overdressed person at the party. When in doubt, opt for a stylish dress in black or neutral shade. Keep some glitzy accessories in your bag that you can put on at a moment’s notice. It’s generally more tasteful to be a bit understated.

Wrong footwear

If you are wearing a saree, skip the casual platform heels or wedges. Chunky heels and platform shoes add unnecessary heaviness to the bottom portion of your body. Also, flats and slippers should be avoided as they spoil the overall look. Instead, go for high heels and stilettos as they make you look slimmer and taller. If you plan to walk around a lot, kitten heels are perfect.

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Bling Overdo

Playing up your outfit with a couple of carefully chosen pieces of jewelry is a definite DO. However, over-doing it, is a definite NO. Never wear more than three pieces of jewellery at once. Any more than that clutters and confuses a look.

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