5+ Eyeshadow Colours For Sexy Smokey Eyes

Perk-up smokey eyes by adding a splash of colour.

5+ Eyeshadow Colours For Sexy Smokey Eyes

Smokey eye make-up is a widely talked-about trend so much so that achieving decent smokey eyes have become a cake-walk for many now. Indeed, the classic smokey eye eyeshadow colours such as black and grey are loved by all, but adding splash of colours in the process will take the concept of smokey eyes to another level altogether. Here are 6 stunning eyeshadow colours that can perk up your smokey eye make-up and can go with any skin tone.

Forest Green

Eyeshadow Colours

One of the best eyeshadow colours that go with Indian skin tone is forest green. You can either apply only the green shadow and outline your eyes with black liner, or can experiment by adding other shadow colours such as gold, brown, peach, rust, etc. To bring out the green colour even more, use a green eye pencil on your waterline. You can pull green smokey eye make-up even on a simple summery day with a cute summer dress.

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Midnight Blue

Sexy Smokey Eyes

Try the shimmery eyeshadow or the matte one, midnight blue hued smokey eye make-up will mesmerise anyone. Try this for a dazzling dinner date or for a high-end business party. It will be fine even if your do not highlight the inner ‘V’ corners of your eyes, but blending the blue shadow with a matte rust shadow or a brown one will add more of sass to your look.

Coppery Smoke

Coppery Smoke

Copper shadowed smokey eyes will give a graceful yet no-nonsense kind of attitude to your overall look. Shimmery copper eyeshadow adds various dimensions to your eye make-up. It makes your eyes sparkle. This will go perfectly with any Indian traditional outfits. Lately, it has become immensely popular among Indian brides.

White, Silver And Grey

Sexy Smokey Eyes

Those who say silver and white cannot go for a smoke eye make-up are absolutely wrong. Blend a grey shadow at the outer ends of your upper eyelids and highlight your inner ‘V’ corners of both eyes with white shadow. Fearlessly pull this make-up look over denims and white tee.

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Basic Brown 

Eyeshadow Colours

The basic brown shadowed smokey-eye make-up is really hard to get over with. It not only gives a subtle but definitely-there smokey effect but also give a rugged edge to your look. You can pull this make-up literally on any type of outfits. In case of you are feeling daring and want to flaunt smokey eyes to work, you just need to dab some of the matte brown eyeshadow, line your eyes and swatch a generous amount of mascara on your eyelids. You are absolutely good to go.

Brown And Black

Sexy Eyeshadow Colours

If fully black smokey eyes is too much for your taste, use a matte brown shadow to blend the black one with your skin tone. When full black toned smokey eyes will give you the most rugged look, adding brown to the edges will add heat and make you look even sexier. Try this when you want to fully deck up for clubbing.

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