5 Experiences You Can Gift Your Best Friend This Friendship Day

5 Experiences You Can Gift Your Best Friend This Friendship Day

Friendship day 2018 is just around the corner. In today’s fast-paced culture, how often do you get time to stop and appreciate the love and comfort between you and your bestie? In fact, we have several friends that play several roles in our lives. That 3 am friend, the friend who is always ready to party, the counselor-cum-friend, the one who gives you tough love and the one who knows you way too much. What would we do without them? Take a moment to celebrate each and every soul who has supported you and fill your life with happiness. Nevertheless, how about surprising your closest friends with a special gift? Here are some ideas.

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1. Memberships

What is it that our generation loves the most? A little extra privilege, a bit of instant gratification? Gone are the days when a soft toy was considered a fun gift. Instead, why not gift her some cool memberships? Does she like watching audiovisual content while on the go? Then buy her an Amazon Prime and/or Netflix subscription. You may even buy her a Book My Show card, so she can take the theatre experience. If she loves dining out, the Zomato Gold membership will probably win you some treats too!

2. Gift her a holiday

Celebrate your friendship by setting off on a trip to that place you always wanted to go. However, if budgets are limited, just any destination will do, really! All your friend needs is you, your craziness and a fully-paid-for trip.

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3. Book an activity

Love movie under the stars? How about some midnight cycling? You’ve always wanted to go for a bar crawl! Be it leisurely, fitness-oriented or creative activity, your best friend will truly appreciate you for making her feel so special. Throw in tons of fun and a bucket full of memories waiting to be made and you have the best gift ever!

4. Sign up

Did she always want to learn swimming but haven’t signed up yet? Or has she been telling you about “intending” to join Yoga or Zumba or maybe belly dancing even? Go a little crazy and sign her up for something she has been waiting to learn. What’s more, you can join her in the fun too!

5. Take her on a date

Make your favourite bae feel special and plan a date with her. Dinner and movies? A night out in the town? Hell, yes, sister! Paint the town red!

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