5 Exercises To Get The Perfect Butt

Workout for that perfect ass!

5 Exercises To Get The Perfect Butt

Get your buttocks into shape by following 5 exercises with devotion and punctuality. Simple exercises which will not discourage you from continuing but its instant results will get you motivated to do more. Herein below are 5 basic exercises to tone your butt.

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Stand with your feet hip width apart and try to stick your hips out as much as you can to put weight on your heels. Squat down to 90 degree angle and try not to bend forward. Make it slow and steady to burn some fat. Two sets of 15 will be ideal. Go get them buns!




Again stand with your feet as wide as your hip and push out your hips as much as you can. Try to bend less and maintain 90 degrees, with all the pressure on the heels. Only this time, do not stand up straight but remain at the same height and pulse or bob. Two sets of 15 will do the magic.




Lie down with your hands by your side and your feet planted firmly to the ground. With your knees bent and your feet still, move your hips towards the ceiling and build a bridge and work on those glutes. This will tone your abs, legs and butt. For fine results repeat 20 times.




Repeat the same movement as the former with your knees bent and your legs planted to the ground. The only difference in this exercise is that one leg is straight up in the air. Keep your leg as extended as possible for the best results. Go for two sets of 15.

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On a yoga mat, hold yourself up on your hands and knees. Make sure your back is straight and flat. Tighten your core while you are at it. Lift one leg towards the ceiling while it is bent and repeat this action 9-15 times for each leg. Pull in your stomach to make this exercise more effective.

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