5 Essentials You Must Have In Your Make-up Bag

5 Essentials You Must Have In Your Make-up Bag

Whether you are a working woman or still in your classroom years, it’s likely that you leave your house with a perfect face. After a long commute, exposure to scorching sunlight and lunch, your make-up starts to appear worn-out. Touch-ups are essential, no matter which ‘long wear’ product you’ve been using. Now, carrying your vanity around would be crazy (and heavy!) so invest in travel-friendly products that will fit in your make-up bag. While you get down sifting through an array of ‘essentials’, here are 5 make-up products that you must not skip!

1. BB cream

BB cream


Irrespective of whether your regular day is spent in a cubicle or out-and-about, you must take some time out to wash your face. Dust, harmful UV rays and more often germs from our own hands settle on our face. Carry a small tube of BB cream so you can reapply a coin-sized quantity and look dewy fresh!

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2. Compact powder

Compact powder

A majority of Indians possess overactive sebum glands and the humid weather isn’t exactly kind. A quick dab of compact powder will help your face remain non-greasy and clean. However do make sure the packaging is as tight as possible, especially if you are clumsy.

3. Wet wipes

Wet Wipes


Whether you want to wipe your face clean after a stressful commute or fix smudged make-up, wet wipes come in handy. A small pack in your make-up bag will give you the confidence to experiment!

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4. Lipstick/Lip balm

Lipstick and Lip balm

A great lip colour can make all the difference in your selfies. Always carry at least one lipstick in your purse, even if you don’t wear it regularly. You never know when you have to head to a meeting or a gettogether (or a coffee date with that cutie on the other floor.)

5. Kajal


Never underestimate what a good kajal can do to your looks! A compact kajal can double up as an eyeliner and an eyebrow filler when an emergency strikes.

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